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State of California Public Records

Access California public records and obtain information from the state as well as private entities. Select a department, request official state and locally government held documents, view results from publicly accessible online databases from any agency. Browse a comprehensive list to the state's various services for residents or anyone looking to request official documents of birth, marriage, death and other certificates. View requirements when deciding to conduct a criminal record request from official California law enforcement agencies. Find a person by name, whether listed in directories across the state, property owner, inmates in custody of the department of corrections, warrant and wanted lists, school personnel or government staff queries. Instantly verify a California professional license in all fields and industries of accountants to welders. Conduct a search of California businesses and their required documents filed with the California Secretary of State, look in the uniform commercial code (UCC) database online anytime and see current filings. Web resources provide the public with guidance to research and retrieve data that is found in archives and historical events in regard to California.



State and Bankruptcy Court Records Check California Public Records by County About Public Records in California


  • California Official Recorded Document Search
    Search deeds, mortgages and recorded documents from the county clerks and recorders offices listed. Other resident services include looking up fictitious business names, liens and real estate data, property assessor's value and parcel number. Open access to California clerks or recorders' offices and public services, forms and instructions to procedures when requesting official and un-official documents.

  • California Department of Justice Background Checks
    Background criminal record searches of individuals as a pre-employment requirement, fingerprinting, foreign adoptions, licensing, certification, condition of residency and more. Online criminal history checks, applicant fingerprinting and processing costs. Access an automated telephone system to find out about your submissions. Conduct a search of your own criminal history and see records that are available for public viewing.

  • California Department of Health Birth and Death Certificates
    The department's process, requirements and obtaining authorized copies of vital records. Mailing in requests to the state's Department of Health with downloadable forms. Fees, processing times and requests from the county recorder's office. Differences between authorized and informational copies. Instructions for correcting or amending official birth and death information.

  • California Recorded Marriages and Divorces
    Obtaining official certified copies of a marriage or a divorce from the California Department of Health. Options in ordering a copy solely for informational purposes or official certified copies. Marriage license registrations, amendments and corrections to current recordings of dissolution of marriage decrees.

  • California Statewide Business Records and Filings Searches
    Secretary of State web access to filings of California companies, foreign corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. Obtain status reports and official copies of corporate documents and access domestic nonprofit, domestic stock and qualified foreign corporations filings. Check current amendments to corporate documents filed with the California secretary of state.

  • State of California Professional License Online Verification
    Search all professions in California from accountants to vocational nurses and view status of an individual's or firm's licenses by name. Additional background of licensee's information, education, years in practice, past disciplinary actions taken by the state, bonds or other detailed data required by the state can be viewed online. Look up entities required to file for permits when conducting a business in the state.

  • Escrow Agents Disciplinary Actions Background Search
    View a list of persons that have been disciplined and suspended or barred under the Financial Code by the Department of Corporations from January 1, 1991 to present. Results of searches will show the individual's name, date and a brief description of restrictions, revocations and duration of suspension.

  • Uniform Commercial Code Filings and Searches
    Access the UCC online services to search filings using the secretary of state's online public databases. View financing statements, lien documents in UCC records in the state's central filing office. Find customer notices and publications. Residents can perform transactions such as filings, inquiries, or copies, place bulk requests and other online services.

  • California Secretary of State Elections and Voter Information
    Look up voter registrations statewide. Find information for both state and local ballots, polling locations in your area, data about new voting systems, election results, voting districts across California, laws pertaining to voting and elections. Find a state representative by location, city or district and view the official's profile and legislative issues.

  • California State Board of Equalization Sales and Use Taxes
    State taxes for individuals and companies, fees, business permits, forms and filing returns, making payments and tax information. Look up tax laws and requirements which pertain to companies doing business in the state of California. Access the state's official online ordering system for forms, fees, publications, laws relating to fictitious business names and applications.

  • Department of Justice Records for Visa or Immigration Applications
    Live scan of electronic submissions and locations throughout California. Steps to take in manual fingerprinting card submissions. Instructions for visa and immigration request forms. Access the department's applicant processing program online.

  • California State Employee Telephone Directory
    Search names of persons employed by the state of California by their full or partial name in all its agencies and departments. Results of open public access search will show the state government employee's name, the agency, city and contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers as required by state statutes.

  • California Department of Corrections Prisoner Search
    Locate inmates held in California correctional facilities. Obtain an inmate's contact information including the current facility and location where the prisoner is held. Research statistical information about parolees and inmates. View reports about prisoners in custody of the state penal system and see current data of jail populations supervised by the state's DOC.

  • California Constitution and Statutes Law Finder
    Open public access to look up current California state laws including all 29 codes and statutes online. Directory of business, corporation and professions codes, civil procedures, contract law, vehicle and other legislation that can be researched using the department's web resources. Searches can be performed based on keywords or violations.

  • Directory of California State Government Agencies
    Contact information and web site links, director's names and telephone numbers to all of the California state agencies. Instantly displays data online by name, search word or phrase. District Office locations and administration details of over two hundred agencies within the state's government.

  • Financial Institutions Operating in California
    Check information of banks, credit unions, trust companies, money transmitters commercial, industrial and foreign banks. Obtain license numbers of the institution, officer's name, addresses and contact lists. Services regarding licensee complaints from consumers. Directory of branches in states other than California.

  • California Publicly Traded Company Search
    Access online publicly traded disclosure statements filed with the secretary of state. Conduct a search by corporation name, director or executive officer name or the independent auditor's name. Results disclose directors and officers, compensation, shares, options, bankruptcy, fraud and loans to members of the board.

  • Individual and Business Unclaimed Property Search
    Database of unclaimed property reported by various financial institutions, insurance companies, corporations and associations. Search can be conducted by individual owner's name, business name, government entity or property. Query results show owner's name, reported owner name, type of property, cash reported and the entity that reported the unclaimed property.

  • California Demographics and Population Census Information
    U.S. Census collected data about the state of California residents and geography. Look up statistics and information of the state's economy, business facts, housing and income averages of a specific area. Comparisons to nationwide census data. Future estimates of demographic, housing, social and economic characteristics.

  • California Secretary of State Archives
    Local and state government recorded historic events. Records are compiled by state agencies, state Supreme and Appellate Courts, state legislature and governor. Historical investigation supported by documents for researchers. See the state's resources and research room access.

  • California Genealogy and Ancestry Research
    Conduct an online search of historical data and event occurring in the state of California. Find documents by keyword, phrase or question to obtain data of people, cities, towns and biographies. See the history using a free and open to the public database.

  • California Death Records 1940 thru 1997
    Online instant search will list the deceased person's name, birth place and date, mother's maiden and farther's name, death place and date, SSN and age. Searches can be conducted by solely a name or with detailed queries that include methods to narrow results.

  • California Highway Patrol and Law Enforcement Agencies
    Information and services of state and local police departments. Electronic access to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) from the CHP. Public request of collision reports by mail or in person. Find law enforcement agency libraries and research centers. Use online databases and journals provided by sheriffs, police and state law enforcement.

  • California Highway Traffic Incident Information
    Look up current road conditions instantly online and check filed incidents, traffic updates, closures, CIG alerts (radio stations broadcast of warnings regarding unusual or hazardous traffic conditions) and hot spots. California Highway Patrol Mobile Traffic tracking. Results can appear in either listed or mapped formats.

  • California Finance and Demographic Information
    Look up the demographic data for state budgeting and planning from official sources. Report and periodical data of latest California economic data, indicators, forecasts, events, history and models. See the general fund and special fund tax for the governor?s budget and finance research unit access.

  • California Missing and Exploited Children
    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides a comprehensive statewide and national list of family abductions, missing, endangered and runaway minors. Online profile of the missing show original and age processed photo, written physical description. age, missing from location and date. Conduct a search of California and the entire United States.

  • California Attorney General Megan's Law
    Information provided by criminal justice departments and local police agencies. Daily updated list of persons required to register in California as sex offenders. View detailed profiles on all registrants. Publication directory of reports to legislators regarding California?s Megan's law.

  • California's Most Wanted Fugitives
    Search for fugitives wanted by the California department of justice. The state's wanted person's online database to the public will show photo, age, physical description, offense, bulletins, warrant date and crime information.

  • California Crime Reports by Area
    Look into any area's crime reports and details of the incident. From minor to major crime, map, statistics and other data provided by the local law enforcement agencies anywhere in the state. Enter an address and view report details by date, location or type and severity of incident.

  • California State Public Library Online
    Services for the general public, teachers and students. Online digital newspaper collections of over six million articles from 1846 to the present. Electronic books, library catalogs, data and other online publications. Services regarding braille and talking/audio books. References to research genealogy, California history and archives.

  • California Department of Motor Vehicles Driving Record
    DMV services and resources for California drivers. Instruction on how to obtain an online copy of a driver's record from the DMV. Vehicle registration and records request. Find a local field public office in your area. Department of motor vehicles inspectors, investigations, safety and test centers.

  • California Government Record Requests
    Reports of from the state's various agencies, departments and offices regarding business and labor, crime and courts, demographics, education, oversight and review, real estate and transportation. Financial research of the state agencies, programs, funding, budgets and complaints.

  • California Energy Commission Public Records
    Index of services from the state's energy commission and data research. Access divisions of electricity's reports and services. Where to review and inspect documents. Research codes, standards and an online database of publications including public interest energy research fact sheets.

  • Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
    Information on the latest major incidents. Accessing public records not exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act in the possession of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Find records that are for public inspection and copy requests.

  • California Visitors Information
    Look up popular destinations, the state's art and culture. Find helpful travel tools that provide free online maps index. Official state guide and travel planner. Find dinning, restaurants and calendar of events. Alphabetical directory to explore the state of California.

  • Directory to California Lobbyists Information
    Find Lobbying individuals, employers and firms. See who are the state's lobbyists, how much are spent on their lobby and entities or persons that hire them. Financial activity, filing history and general information of persons or entities spending $5,000 or more in regard to legislative or administrative actions.

  • California Public and Private School Directory
    Listings of all state schools, public and private, nonpublic nonsectarian schools, school districts and education county offices statewide. Information available includes detailed current data, statistics and staff of a particular school accredited in California. Services for parents students when selecting a school in a new neighborhood. Look up administrators of the school, email addresses and other contact information.

  • California Teacher's Credentials and Certificates
    Look up an educator with credentials to teach in California. Official commission on teacher credentialing provides a free web search service to parents and residents for verification and requirements of an educator. Reports include name, last known county of employment, status, issue date, renewal, employment restrictions, adverse and commission actions.

  • California State University Directories
    Find a campus in the state university system. Information of 23 campuses, locate and find any of the 44 thousand faculty members, admissions, state and international student programs, tuition, fees and California university administration. Guidance regarding individual programs such as getting multiple subject teaching credentials.

  • University of California Campuses and System
    Find any of the 10 UC schools across the state. Find out details about admissions and help with getting started. Transfer information and graduate programs for students. Look up academic programs and calendars, research opportunities for undergraduates, sessions and fees for new students, housing, libraries and resources for parents of attendees.

  • California Employment Development Department Job Listings
    Search the state's official site for employment openings in various industries. Job seekers can post a resume, browse listings, see requirements, employer, location and other details provided by employers posting openings. Free online instant job search provided by the state of California (EDD).

  • California Apprenticeship Program Search
    The state's department of industrial relations offers Californian's a listing of registered program sponsors from various fields in the construction industry. Searches can be conducted by county or occupation. Results will show name of company and person to contact, email addresses, telephone numbers and locations.

  • California Protected Land and Areas Database
    Access the National Conservation Easement Database and a GIS list of all of 49 million protected acres of open space and land held by 949 public and non profit public agencies. Includes information of small local parks to national forests of over fifty four thousand individual parcels.

  • Contractor's State License Board Check
    Verify an individual's or a business contractor's license or the registration of a Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS). Searches can be conducted by license number or name of company or individual. Help and tips for California residents prior to hiring a contractor.

  • California State Contracts Index
    Look up current contract service descriptions, start and end dates, contract administrator contact information and other details of the state hiring entities and their agreements. Contract descriptions and documents can be downloaded online any any visitor to the site.

  • Public Auctions and Bidder Information
    Tax defaulted land public caution location and sale date calendar. Instructions of how to participate, list of properties for delinquent tax sales, minimum bid and reports of prior years sales. Notification email alerts, data of property for sale at public auction, a sealed bid sale, or a negotiated sale to a public agency or qualified nonprofit organization

  • California Insurance Companies Consumer Data
    The California Department of Insurance provides the public information of insurance companies, agents, brokers and other related databases. The public can see the companies complaint history and lines of insurance it's authorized to transact.

  • California Nursing Home Check
    Find out about a particular nursing home administrator and view certification and verifications. Other sources include checking and verifying certified nurse assistants, home health aides and certified hemodialysis technicians.

  • Air Quality Check and Data
    Look up the quality of air across the state of California and view measurements in twenty four hour periods, trend and summaries in key statistics. Daily and weekly compiled records. Monitor an area for regional haze, stat's emissions and air pollutants.

  • California Adoption Agencies
    Search the state's directory to California adoption agencies. Financial assistance and medical coverage programs offered by the state. Referrals to agency offices, adoptions district offices and counties served. Description of the California Department of Social Services guidelines for access to public records.

  • Check California Water Quality
    See where it is safe to swim from anywhere as listed by the California Water Quality Monitoring Council. View beach closures, beach improvement projects, bacterial impairment listings and sampling data by county and map. Recent conditions, health risks and reports from monitoring programs.

  • California Digital Newspaper Search
    Freely accessible repository of digitized California newspapers from 1846 to the present of 59,769 issues comprising 533,076 pages and 6,224,759 articles. Conduct a search by title or date. All results are instant and without cost.

  • California Attorney Search
    Search the state bar of California list of lawyers and find profile information of education background , disciplinary actions and available details of any pending actions affecting eligibility to practice law in the state, administrative actions, date of admission to the state bar, status history, dates and changes.

  • California Land Use Restrictions
    Check sites in California with land use restrictions. Search results reveal area address, site type, status and date when recorded. See a summary or detailed report of restrictions and notification requirements placed on a property.

  • California Veteran Benefits Documents and Directories
    Look up services, overview of benefits and programs offered to veterans and their families residing in California. List of resources including employment, claims representation, cemeteries, license plates, college tuition fee waivers and more.

  • California Building Codes and Laws
    Residential, school, hospital and construction codes. See laws pertaining to access compliance, official codes and policies from the division of the state architect in regard to structural safety and related forms, programs, services and resources.

  • California Mobile Home and RV Parks Search
    Find information about active and inactive mobile home parks in California. Locate information by county, complete list of all parks across the state by city, county, park ID number or name. View information of operators, spaces and mapped location.

  • California Title and Escrow Search
    Housing and Community Development formal and informal title search and notice of escrow search. Service allows for information to be displayed online with a free account that state fees and document costs for processing of registration and titling using the web.

  • California Statewide Online Maps
    Find resources of information from county data to state offices using online maps. Locate facilities across the state. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geological, regional, historical, environmental and government offices maps.


State of California Courts
Search California court records for the general public, attorneys and other members of the legal justice system. Search case status, plaintiffs and defendant names, subsequent filings, discovery and judgment of a case utilizing state court web resources. View the status and upcoming cases on calendar. Criminal courts include traffic divisions, small claims and misdemeanors to superior court felony cases and supreme court hearings. Access bankruptcy filings and procedures in obtaining details of the case. Preparation and procedures for persons interested in using self help, legal aid and low cost options open to the public.

  • California Criminal and Civil Courts
    Access the California judicial branch for the general public, self help and law professionals. Information about cases heard in the state's 58 civil and criminal superior courts. From small claims and traffic court to appellate and supreme court of California. Look up jury and trial information and individual court web sites.

  • California Criminal Courts and Cases
    Information about criminal cases, types of cases and how to clean up a criminal record. Trials involving felonies with sentences of one year or more, misdemeanors trials that can result in less that one year sentencing, juvenile delinquency and vehicle
    traffic infractions. Look up the court venue of the trial being heard and jurisdictions under the state's criminal courts.

  • California Courts Official Forms
    State Judicial directory of statutory forms, latest changes regarding specific forms, publishers and rules of court. Search an online database of the most current downloadable forms and select any area of law by form identification, number or name.

  • California Judicial Administrative Records
    Public access to records maintained by the state's appellate hearings and trials, judicial council and the administrative office of the courts. How to request and forms associated with access to administrative orders.

  • California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal Calendar
    View a current list of upcoming calendared recent and pending oral arguments. First to sixth appellate courts and the state's supreme court. Case on calendar information shows the hearing's date, venue, location, case number and name.

  • California Appellate Courts Case Information System
    Updated case information for the supreme and appellate courts. Searches of records can be conducted by party name, case number, attorney, county, district or date. Results will feature an online case summary of oral argument dates and times, filing date, caption information, division, disposition, docket, briefs and scheduled actions. Request to receive automatic email notifications regarding the case.

  • California Northern District Bankruptcy Court
    Use Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system and retrieve case data including recordings of courtroom proceedings. Hear case information using the Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS) and get details of the proceeding by telephone. Look up local rules and procedures by title.

  • California Southern District Bankruptcy Court
    Review a case file on the web from the P.A.C.E.R. program and court information regarding courts in Imperial and San Diego county. Locate closed bankruptcies, active cases from 1997 to present. Access National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Federal Records Center. Procedures and instructions for filing in person.

  • California Central District Bankruptcy Court
    Access electronic filings of bankruptcies and locate cases with the PACER online services. Calendar information and tentative rulings. Resources for reporting bankruptcy fraud, mediation, pro bono, updated online forms, self representation and understanding bankruptcy in simple terms.

  • California Judicial Branch Self Help Center
    Online resources when filing and representing yourself. Public assistance with being sued or suing another party, collecting on your judgment, mediation, divorce or legal separation. Information and procedures regarding evictions and housing issues including foreclosures occurring in California. How to help and directions when using the state's small court claims system. Instructions for self representation in criminal law cases from traffic to felony and appeals. Find out how criminal cases in California work through the system from arrest to conviction and the appeals process. Clean or expunge criminal convictions obtained in the state of California with forms and frequently asked questions.

  • California Tax Law Look Up
    Online access to the California revenue and tax codes. Find the latest tax law changes for businesses and residents, part-year and non-residents. Information of legislative bills regarding state taxes. Resources to obtain legal documents, regulations and legal staff directory.

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